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→ TV series: 10 Things I Hate About You, Glee, Gossip Girl, Merlin, Misfits, Skins, The Vampire Diaries
→ People: Emma Watson, Rupert Grint


If a plane crashed into my room I wouldn’t even flinch I couldn't try to move. @ tomorrowbleeds

10TIHAY Icons - new maintainer needed

Hey guys!

Would anyone be interested in taking over 10tihay_icons?
I'd love to pass the community on to a new maintainer.

- Cris

I Need You To Need Me

Title: I Need You To Need Me (Few-Shot)
Chapter (1/4): Simple Truths
Main Characters: Kat/Patrick
Rating: PG-13

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multi-fandom friending meme

check it out here at my journal

10 Things I Hate About You Petition!

Hi, I'm a new member and I absolutely love 10 Things I Hate About You.

I'm not sure if anyone's posted this, but here's a petition to save the show.

Maybe it'll work?


What Would Have Happened In Season Two

For fans of ABC Family’s canceled series 10 Things I Hate About You, the Monday blahs are worse than usual. Where once fans had snappy dialogue, romance, and Ethan Peck to look forward to on Monday evenings, now there is just the empty void left by cancellation.

“I was telling someone it feels kind of like a breakup,” 10 Things creator Carter Covington tells EW.com. “Like you got dumped by this person and you’re like, ‘Wait a second. But we had such a great thing going on. Why would you dump me?’” Before you start writing angry letters to ABC Family, know that Covington doesn’t blame the network. “I know they loved the show,” he says, adding, “I think they were in a difficult, difficult position to try to figure out how to market and bring back one half-hour comedy by itself.”


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[10] 1x15 Glee icons.
[09] 1x17 Glee icons.
[16] 1x19 Glee icons.
[23] 1x20 Glee icons.
[10] Assorted Glee icons.
[12] 10 thing I hate about you icons.



The rest here:

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→ Movies: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
→ TV series: 10 Things I Hate About You; Glee; Merlin; Misfits; Skins
→ People: Amy Lee; Daniel Radcliffe; Jonathan Groff; Kaya Scodelario; Lea Michele


But you shed not a single tear for the things that you didn't need cause you knew you were finally free. @ tomorrowbleeds

Afterglow [drabble]

Title: Afterglow
Characters: Kat Stratford, Patrick Verona and Walter Stratford
Word Count: 263
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: “Aren’t you at least happy that she was with a guy who really cares about her?”
Author Note: starts where the finale (1x20 “Revolution”) left off
Disclaimer: I don’t own it

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